Is Nightline confidential?
All calls and anything you tell us during a call is confidential within Nightline.  This means that we will not talk to anyone outside of Nightline about anything we hear in a call. The only exceptions to this are if a caller provides us with information about an act of terrorism during a call – in this case we are bound to report this information to police by law. This includes historical acts of terrorism. We may also breach confidentiality in situations where we have specific identifying information (e.g. a landline phone number or specific location or address) and we believe that your life is at imminent risk and that your decision making is impaired in some way.

Do you record calls?
No, we never record calls

Does anyone listen into calls?
Calls may be listened into by another volunteer in the Nightline office in order to monitor and support the volunteer who is talking to you. The second volunteer will not talk or participate in the call.

Do you keep written information about calls?
We keep some information about calls such as length of call, time and date, and method of contact. This is for our own call statistics – no personal information about you will be recorded and we will never ask for your name or any other identifiable information. If a volunteer takes any additional notes whilst on a call these are shredded in our office straight after the call.

Can you call me back?
Yes, if you ring us but are short on credit or want us to call you back on another number, that’s fine. We will need to take down a telephone number and ask what you want us to do if somebody else answers the phone before we can do this. We also accept reverse charge calls from within the UK.

How much does it cost to call?
Calls cost standard local landline rates.

Can I request to speak to a male or female volunteer?
Unfortunately we cannot ensure that there is always a male and a female on every shift. Where there is you can ask to speak to a specific gender of volunteer however we cannot guarantee that we will always be able meet your request.

Do you give advice?
We offer emotional support and information upon request but do not give advice. We believe that you have the right to make your own decisions and we will happily explore options with you, but will not recommend a specific course of action.